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June 2018 Newsletter


The meeting was called to order with prayer by Pastor Jeff Cochran. Directors present: Janette Martin, Jenna Hawk Porter, Rhonda Thorpe, Ruth Dillon, Covell Hawk, JR Perry, James Fasse, David Todd, Pastor Jeff. Directors Absent: Chris Caplinger, Julie Boyle, Nancy


Property Management: The roof is nearly complete with a cap remaining to be installed. There is some work to be done on the sidewalk on the north side of the church. Steve is putting together a list of things that need to be done with leveling and reseeding the lawn on the north side being on that list.


David reported that he is still waiting for a bid from JDC for installing security cameras in the church.


After much discussion it was moved that we have church at 9 o’clock during the summer months of June, July and August. If a teacher wanted to keep their class going during the summer, they could do so.

With great reluctance the board accepted the resignation of Mary Kay Barnett as church secretary. Mary Kay has served our church with much devotion during her tenure. She will be greatly missed.

Presbytery asked what we doing in terms of protecting our youth when attending functions at church. The board decided to tell them that we are following the Methodist procedure “Safe and Sacred”.


The meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer by Pastor Jeff.


Respectfully submitted, David Todd Clerk of Session.


May 28—Memorial Day

June 3—Worship service at 9:00 a.m.

June 6—Vitality group at 7:00 p.m.

June 10—reception for Mary Kay at 10:00 a.m.

June 11—Second harvest at 10:00 a.m.

June 18—Nite Circle at 7:00 p.m.

June 20—Mary Maratha Circle

June 22—Topeka Rescue Mission Trip

July 15—Nite Circle family gathering

July 22-29—Main event mission trip

July 26 –Farm Bureau supper


The First Christian Church Food Pantry is collecting things for the kids if home by themselves.   Things easy to prepare.   Ravoli’s, beef stews, soups, etc with pull tabs on top of can.  Easy to open.    Ramen noodles or cup of noodles, individual macaroni and cheese.    Fruit cups, cereal bars.   Also, the food bank is requesting fresh garden produce.   If you want to send a monetary donation please sent to First Christian Church, 301 N 7th, Atchison, KS 66002


The Effingham Union Church service is at 9:00 a.m. starting June 3rd through August.  There will be no Sunday School except for the teachers who want to teach during the worship service. 


The Fleming-Jackson-Seever American Legion Post 6 Memorial Day ceremonies, Monday, May 28 are at 9:00 a.m. Lancaster Cemetery, 9:35 a.m. at the Effingham Evergreen Cemetery and at 9:55 at St. Ann’s Cemetery. 


Pat Snyder is hosting the Mary Martha Circle instead of Jennifer Snyder, Wednesday, June 20 at 7:00 p.m. 


Our secretary Mary Kay Barnett is retiring as of June 1st and our new one Cindy Pangburn will be taking over.  A truck load of thanks goes to Mary Kay who has been our secretary for many, many years.  As a church we are probably unaware of all she has done for us.  We wish her and Dan God’s blessings in their new home. 

A reception for Mary Kay is June 10 following the worship service. 

We are also welcome Cindy and wish her the best of luck too. We know her well as she has been active in the choir, in Sunday school, and VBS.  If you want to send something for the bulletin please send to Cindy’s email cindyp.euc@gmail.com


The Nite Circle recognized the graduates May 6 during the worship service.  Alice shared a poem about graduates and then Nancy Fasse presented cards to those present including Sunnie Stanley and Karlie Parnell, who graduated from high school, and Ashley Gerety, who graduated from Washburn School of Nursing.  Others recognized was college graduates Mallory Eckert, Jared Hoffman, and Stephanine Martin.  The circle learned later that Corbin Hedrick and Austin Acheson were graduating from the 8th grade and they were sent a card.  The beautiful individualized cards were made by Donna Conner. 


Recently Janette Martin, James and Denise Fasse and Donna Conner reaffirmed their beliefs during the worship service.  Janette, James and Denise became new members of our church.  Donna had joined last year.   Janette’s children Stephanie and Ryan have transferred their membership to the Union Church.


The Main Event kids are going to Birmingham, AL July 22-29.  They are working through YouthWorks again.  We pray for their safe journey and a successful mission trip. 


The Town and Country Bible Study has adjourned until next fall. 


The Women’s Circles of the church met together in April and the focus was on ways to help those within our church family.   Cindy Ladd was the discussion leader and Nite Circle Chairperson.  Several good ideas were brought up and from this discussion a new group was formed to further delve into the ideas.   The interested people met on April 25th and have named the group, “The Church Vitality Group”. The group is open to all persons in the church.  It is not for women only!  The first project the group has decided to set in motion was reestablishing the church prayer chain.  Much discussion occurred in attempting to set up the prayer chain.  It is basically created to contact people quickly for prayer in a life threatening or serious health situation.  A communication would be send out (with family approval) to ask for prayers.  Contact methods could be by email, text, or phone.  The board of directors approved the project at their May meeting.  The prayer chain process will be further explained during church services in June.  It is voluntary and the mode of communication will be chosen by each person.    The next meeting is June 16 at 7:00 p.m.

Please take a moment and look at the Union Church website.  You can find information on Facebook and if you are a reader or not check out our library in the west room.  The books are one the front pew in baskets. 



Nite Circle met at the Union Church Educational Building on May 14, with Alice Johnson as hostess.  Cindy Ladd, chairperson, opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed everyone.  Cards were signed for shut-ins. Ten members answered roll call with “What I did on Mother’s Day”.  Denise Fasse gave devotions.

Cindy thanked Donna, Alice and Nancy for helping with graduation recognition. Mary Kay provided cookies for baccalaureate.

The Spring Quarterly Meeting for Women’s Society was hosted by Nite Circle. Since then, a group has been meeting to discuss church communication on Wednesday evenings.  Anyone is welcome to join the group.

Nite Circle will provide 13 pies for the Atchison Co. Farm Bureau meeting on Thursday, July 26.  Workers will also be needed.

The Nite Circle Family picnic will be at 11:00 on Sunday, July 15, in the Educational Building.  Meat will be furnished with members bringing side dishes. 

Nancy gave inspirational thoughts on supporting people in our church and community.

Our next meeting will be June 18. Hostess will be Ruth Dillon.  Mary Kay will have devotions and Julie Dillon will present inspirational thoughts.

Nancy Fasse, Secretary


The Community High School Baccalaureate was held May 2 in the ACCHS auditorium. The community came together to send off the class of 2018 with inspirational messages, best wishes and prayer.   Baccalaureate is sponsored by ten area churches. Jeff Cochran of the Union Church gave the welcome and Jim Cormode of Cummings Christian Church gave the invocation and the benediction. Seth Montgomery of Camp Creek and Lancaster United Methodist Churches introduced the guest speaker Casey Neill.   The ladies of the Cummings Christian Church and St. Louis Catholic Church served the refreshments and all the churches provided cookies for refreshment table after the service.  ACCHS Band under the direction of Alicia Kerwood and ACCHS Mass choir under the direction of Amy Eckert provided the music.  At the end of the service the Gideon Association presented each senior a Gideon New Testament. 

The first inspirational messages came from two graduating seniors, Hailey McConnaughey and Luke Miller. The main point of Luke’s message was that God is always besides you during the ups and downs, and God allows U-turns.  Hailey read scripture about the Prodigal son. She said that you should love your neighbor and it was okay to make U-turns. 

The first parent to speak was Julie Baker.  She congratulated the seniors and said it was both exciting times and scary times.  She also told the class they needed to thank their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles for their support and encouragement, and it is important to thank the teachers for helping you to learn, but it was just as important to thank the janitors, cooks, bus drivers and school staff.  Outside of the class room these people taught you to be nice, patient, respectful, and how to play nicely and how to treat each other. It is more important who you are then what you know. She gave some tips on how to act when you are applying for a job.  Some of the tips were: Look the interviewer in the eye, don’t cuss and send a thank you for the interview afterwards.   But always treat everyone the same with respect, whether it is the janitor, your co-workers or the boss. 

Cindy Vanderweide was the second parent to speak.  She offered her sincere congratulations and spoke about modern technology. She said it is wonderful, but it can keep people from being connected to the world and to each other.  She offered three rules on how to get connected.  First is perspective—notice the world around you. Second is mindfulness—experience life fully, enjoying the moment and appreciating it. The past is over and future is not yet.  Third is breathe—breathe in the good stuff and breathe out the bad stuff.  Breathing deeply will relax you and help keep you calm so you can make good decision.  If you follow these rules, being aware of the world around you, and living every moment of your life you will be aware how you are connected to everything and everyone. 

Casey Neill was the guest speaker.  Besides being a devout Christian Casey is employed by Pipestone System as the swine nutritionist and is responsible for the health of 250,000 pigs.  Casey grew up in Cummings, graduated from ACCHS in 2000 and then attended Highland Jr. College before going to K-State where he got his masters in Swine nutrition.

Casey showed many pictures of his childhood emphasizing that his childhood was much like their own. Growing up in a small place and sharing the same experiences and yet he was able to get his masters and a good job that has him traveling all over the world. He has been in 18 different countries. As he journeyed through life God was his constant companion through the ups and downs. 

He encouraged the students to have a relationship with God before you need one.  Thank God for everything. Not to forget to pray in new situations.  Take your Bible with you no matter where you go.  He suggested reading Matthew 6:25-34 about worry.  And it is okay to pray to be happy.     


The Nite Circle of the Effingham Union Church hosted the Spring Gathering, April 16 in the Christian Education Building.  They invited their sisters in faith to join them.  The Nite Circle chairman Cindy Ladd welcomed everyone and then she gave the prayer before the meal. Twenty one women and one child Darwyn Acheson enjoyed the light supper furnished by the Nite Circle members.  

The theme for the evening was Sisters Supporting Sisters.   Alice Johnson began the program with devotions entitled “Know Your Value as Sisters in Christ”.  She mentioned several women in the Bible including Naomi and Ruth, who followed Naomi and walked into the family of Christ. She told about the history of the Christian women, who were the trailblazers for Christian sisters of today. She spoke briefly about Susanna Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Mother Theresa.

Alice concluded by saying, “We praise God to have such incredible history. These women are our teachers, our spiritual mentors and simply our sisters. They show us that we have power and that we are valuable and we can do the impossible.  While we honor them, we are here tonight to celebrate our sisterhood, a sacred bond consecrated by our heavenly father. We are to nurture and support each other in our faith journey, trials and tribulations, concerns and celebrate the joys and blessings in our lives.   That is what sisters do.”  The theme of Sisterhood and community was carried out through the rest of the program.

Then the group viewed two short videos. The first one was about United Methodist Deaconess Katherine Maurer, who was called the Angel of Angel Island as she greeted new immigrants and ministered to them.  The second one shared why women join the UMW. 

After viewing the videos the women broke up into four discussion groups. The groups were Naomi, Ruth, Mary and Martha. They discussed four questions.  The first one was who were you named after.  This was the ice breaker and allowed people to know each other better.  The other questions were about what you enjoyed about the community and church, what concerned you about them and then the final question was “What can we do to help each other”.  Then the women came back together to discuss their findings.    People found the church to be caring, friendly and a giving church and they like the community. The concerns was how to connect better to the community, how can we support our fellow sisters, and how to grow the Sunday School. It was also decided that better communications was needed. Telling people about the church, what it is doing, what it has to offer and to share it with the community.   

The program was ended with a video of Matthew West singing “Lord Why Don’t You Do Something”. In the song Matthew is lamenting about all the ills of the world and begging the Lord to do something and the Lord replies “I did. I created you.” Women at the Spring Gathering took the words to heart.  They agreed that the evening was an important first step, and made plans to meet April 25 to continue the discussion and to work to find solutions. 

After the program the business meeting was held with the Women’s Society president, Linda Montgomery opened the meeting by saying “Little things like a smile, a hello or a compliment can make a big difference.”

She thanked the women for helping with the Soup and Sermon dinner, World Day of Prayer, and Wilma Hawk’s funeral dinner in December 2017. 

United Methodist Women’s reading program certificates were presented to the following people, Linda Montgomery, reading 10 books, Cindy Ladd reading 5 books, Mary Kay Barnett reading 10 books, Alice Johnson and Nancy Fasse reading 15 books.

The Union Church is helping with Lori Kloepper Benefit May 6th.    The Nite Circle is recognizing graduates, May 6th during the worship service.  It was announced that Baccalaureate Service is May 2 at 7:00 p.m. in the ACCJH/SH auditorium.  Casey Neill is the guest speaker.

Other dates to remember are:

The Union Church Women will serve the Farm Bureau Supper July 26th

Mary Martha is in charge of Christmas in July and the Women’s Society Fall meeting in October.

The UMW Topeka District Fall meeting is October 13th at Lowman UMC in Topeka. 

The women voted to give a monetary donation to Main Event Mission Trip. 

The meeting was closed with prayer.


Five women from the Union Church including Cindy Ladd, Mary Kay Barnett Donna Conner, Ida Taliaferro and Linda Montgomery attended the Women’s Mini Conference at the Cummings Christian Church April 28th.  The theme was “Awake, Arise, Accomplish”.  Those taking part in it was Myra Wilcox, Trisha Vessar, Tiffany Eagle, Chrissy Lewman and Debbie Furhman.    Myra spoke. Her theme was “Awake Thou Sleeper” based on John 15:1. Tiffany spoke on “What’s in Your Heart?” based on Proverbs 23:7, and Chrissy spoke about “Inadequate but Chosen” based on Philippians 4:13.  Trisha concluded with “Fight the Good Fight” based on Ephesians 6:12. Debbie provided the music for the event. Linda Montgomery says “It was wonderful, almost 100 women from St. Joe to Topeka, from Hiawatha to Lawrence!!”  


Thank you to Nancy Keith, Rita Madden, Elaine Oakleaf and Pastor Jeff for serving lunch at the Rescue Center in April and Janette Martin, Janice Taliaferro, Nancy Keith and Cindy Ladd, who went in May. 

Thanks to all who donated baked items for Laurie Kloepper’s benefit and those that supported it by attending it.


Kevin and Diane Kiehl has a new grandson, Canon Kiehl the son of Matt and Lindsey Kiehl.  He was born prematurely and has been in the NICU unit.  He is expected to be out of it soon. We are sending our prayers and blessings to all of them. 


We are sending thoughts and prayers to the family of Carol Eckert.  She has been a vital part of this community for decades.  We know that God will welcome her with open arms. 

MEMORIAL DAY DEVOTIONMemorial Day – to some it’s merely the beginning of summer and to others it’s a solemn day to remember those who have passed from this life. However, to the war veteran and to the families of fallen soldiers, Memorial Day carries significance so deep that words cannot express their hearts.

When we look into the eyes of those who still mourn these once vibrant men and women, we often sense their loneliness and pain. We hear them choke back tears as they simply say the ranks and names of their military brothers and sisters at a Memorial Day service. White gloves, dress uniforms, rigid posture, and perfectly precisioned salutes represent the reverence and respect flowing from within. Those who have been personally affected by war understand and appreciate this day of remembrance.

What should we say to those who sincerely honor this day? "Happy Memorial Day" doesn't seem fitting. "I'm sorry for your loss" may be closer to appropriate. What would the fallen soldier want from their comrades and the rest of the country on this day?

In an often quoted Memorial Day speech given in 1884 by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., the speaker ended his address with these words, “Our dead brothers still live for us, and bid us think of life, not death -- of life to which in their youth they lent the passion and joy of the spring. As I listen, the great chorus of life and joy begins again, and amid the awful orchestra of seen and unseen powers and destinies of good and evil our trumpets sound once more a note of daring, hope, and will.”

The American soldier who gave his or her life for U.S. citizens to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness won’t be telling us how to observe the holiday. But I believe that Holmes’ proposition to “think of life, not death” would honor the fallen soldier. Their sacrifice follows the example of Jesus Christ laying down His life for our freedom. It's selfless love for others – not so others can mourn forever, but live!

"We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters." 1 John 3:16


One Sunday morning at a small southern church, the new pastor called on one of his older deacons to lead in the opening prayer.  The deacon stood up, bowed his head and said, "Lord I hate buttermilk."

The pastor opened one eye and wondered where this was going.  The deacon continued, "Lord, I hate lard."  Now the pastor was totally perplexed.  The deacon continued, "Lord, I ain't too crazy about plain flour.  But after you mix 'em all together and bake 'em in a hot oven, I just love biscuits."

"Lord help us to realize when life gets hard, when things come up that we don't like, whenever we don't understand what You are doing, that we need to wait and see what You are making.  After you get through mixing and baking, it'll probably be something even better than biscuits.  Amen.

Romans 8:28

Author unknown

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