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When I was a freshman in college I rented a room in a very old house called “The Crow’s Nest.” It was called that because a widow named Crow owned it and rented rooms to college boys.

It was not the wisest choice for me to rent a room because my parents lived in the same town where the college was and I could live there rent-free.

However, it was wise for me, at age 19, because I wanted to be “independent and out on my own.” I became the seventh boy living on the second floor of the Crow’s Nest. None of us drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes. We played a domino game called forty-two. None of us played with poker cards because our Baptist relatives said it was sinful. Forty-two followed the exact rules that poker did, so later in my life I bravely changed the name “forty-two” into “Baptist Poker.” I felt so mature and manly.

The first night I played forty-two with the boys, I became more “manly” by learning to drink coffee without sugar or cream. I also became one-of–the guys when I realized that the sun was coming up. I asked, “Is it that late?” They responded; “No. But it is that early.” We had played dominoes all night.

Yesterday I woke feeling mildly depressed. I asked myself, is it “that late” in my life? Have I reached the time in my life when my writer’s block is permanent? Am I no longer effective in extending a helping hand to others?” If the answer to those questions is a truthful “Yes”...then I have lost a major element in the purpose of my life.

Today we attended a gathering of people from various churches that discuss a topic of interest. This week Jim Cormode, pastor of the Cummings Christian Church was our discussion leader. We explored how we develop our Christian belief system. Martin Luther is a prime example. He was in a dangerous life and death struggle by breaking with the Catholic Church. His famous Ninety Five Thesis proclaimed his belief that “The just shall live by faith” without many Catholic rules.” He became an immediate enemy of the Catholic Church. (Romans 1:16 NKJV).

Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptist, and other denominations developed their beliefs about faith that applied to their particular and cultural needs. Example: How did churches interpret, “The truth shall make you free,” during slavery conflicts?

I was a resident in Atchison Senior Village during October and November of 2017. I was being treated for all the complications connected with prostate cancer. I was also dangerously depressed because my son and daughter had abandoned me and robbed me of my granddaughter, who is now ten.

Two Christian male staff members immediately accepted me as their pastor. On two occasions one of them came into my room, knelt beside my recliner, and prayed for me.

He later asked me a question that I was unable to answer immediately. “What part did prayer and faith have in your recovery?”

I was later surprised with my simplistic answer. “Asking what faith and prayer had to do with my recovery is equal to asking me, what part did breathing have in your recovery.”

Faith, prayer, and breathing in God’s atmosphere are not like a raincoat or umbrella during a shower. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have been permanent and living entities for ninety years. Jesus entered my heart in a special saving way when I was eleven. The song, “He walks with me, and talks with me, and tells me I am His own” is more than a beautiful song. It is a living reality.

And yes. I broke my writer’s block.


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