August 5th - 10th, 2019

Effingham, Ks.



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113th Annual Effingham

Atchison County Fair 2019

"Sweet Family Fun at the County Fair"



Keith Taliaferro President 913-833-4945 or 913-370-0753

Jim Ryser Vice President 913-370-3474

Cindy Drimmel Secretary 913-874-4701

Margo Ellerman Treasurer 913-426-2284


Board of Directors


1-year term             3-year term             2-year term

Cindy Drimmel     Ryan Bodenhausen       Margo Ellerman

Jeff Martin              Jeff Hoffman         Sara Kramer

Corey Neill             Kristin Webb            Jim Schuetz

Janice Reiss            Keith Taliaferro     Duane Sinclair

Jim Ryser        Krystalyn Iles-Lucius      Joe Taliaferro



County Commissioners

Jack Bower, District I

Eric Noll, District II

William Pohl, District III


County Extension Agents

Ray Ladd, County Extension Agent

Diane Nielson, County Extension Agent


K-State Research and Extension Atchison County Office

P.O. Box 109, 405 Main Street

Effingham, KS 66023

Phone (913)833-5450

Fax (913)833-5450

E-mail AT@listserv.ksu.edu

Web www.atchison.ksu.edu



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